Satuday's week in review, June 4th

This week has been a busy one for Yarnigans. I've been mixing things up with some fresh new color combos in the Yarnigans shop and sending stock into Handmade at Amazon. I've especially had some fun staging photos. I'm going for a "modern nursery" feel so I started with clearing off my vintage fruit crate shelves in my bathroom (shh, it's supposed to be a nursery, but they're just so photogenic). I grabbed these Puffin Classics books that I picked up super cheap at Ollie's a couple years ago, that have an awesome vintage look with amazing cover illustrations. I stacked up a few play kitchen teacups from Ikea and started to throw some Yarnigans in the mix.

Also - yes! That is a jumbo hedgehog who's been added to the shop. I've made one or two before for friends or kids but I've never made them to sell. We like to call him the huge-hog. The huge-hog won't be sent into Amazon, so if you want one, you're going to have to pick it up at


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