Monday June 6th, Pattern Spotlight

This is the beginning of a new series where I spotlight one of my patterns every Monday and offer it for a discounted price via my website. 

This Monday's pattern spotlight is a pattern I've been knitting a lot of lately- Theodore the Bear. Theodore is a very classically-styled teddy bear. He was designed to invoke thoughts of the teddy bears from the 50's who had jointed limbs and sensible faces. His modern twist is that he's knitted from super chunky yarn to make him not only a quick project but also a trendy look that would blend perfectly with modern nursery design. I love knitting the Theodore pattern because it's really a maximum-impact project. With just a few hours of knitting you have this really substantial bear just bursting with personality.

Theodore is big enough that he looks great with some simple sewn clothes or a nice little knitted scarf. In the past couple of weeks I have been experimenting with doing two-toned Theodores, where his snout is a different color than the rest of him. You can embroider eyes onto your Theodore, or you can use plastic eyes- I would recommend a size 12mm. You could even use this pattern with worsted weight yarn and smaller needles (maybe a size 3 or 4 US) for a pocket-sized bear.
 For today and tomorrow, the pattern for Theodore is on sale for just $1.50! That's $2 off the normal price. Be sure to stop by my website to pick it up here:


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