Friday, July 26, 2013

Princess Aurora's socks

A couple years ago, the Disney Store came out with their "Animators' Collection" of princess dolls, and my little girl was in love. She's since acquired 5 of them, and they are probably her favorite toys. I have held onto hope since the dolls came out that eventually they would release extra outfits and accessories, but the collection was discontinued this year, so I figured it was time to come up with my own solution. I sewed some quick cotton pajamas for Princess Aurora yesterday, and today I wrote a pattern to make her some thick little socks to sleep in.

Here are my directions for quick doll socks, to fit a 16" doll.

Doll socks

Worsted weight yarn
1 set of 4 size US3 double pointed needles
Yarn needle

CO 18.
Row 1: [K1, p1] to end, join to work in the round.
Rounds 2-5: [K1, p1] to end of round
Rounds 6-10: K
Work the heel of the sock back and forth using "wrap and turn" stitches.
K6, w&t
P6, w&t
K5, w&t
P4, w&t
K3, w&t
P2, w&t
K3, w&t
P4, w&t
K5, w&t
P6, w&t
Return to working in the round. I will pick back up my round count with round 11 for simplicity's sake. Now that your heel is shaped, it should be obvious that the first 6 stitches form the bottom of the foot, and the next 12 stitches go across the top of the foot.
Round 11: Knit all stitches
Round 12: K6, k2tog, k8, k2tog
Round 13: K
Round 14: K6, k2tog, k6, k2tog
Rounds 15-17: K
Round 18: K6, k2tog, k4, k2tog
Rounds 19-22: K
Round 23: K2tog, k2, [k2tog] 2 times, k2, k2tog
Round 24: K2tog 4 times
4 stitches remain at the toe of the sock. I like to do a 3 needle bind off, and bind off the stitches at the top of the foot together with the stitches of the bottom foot. However, if you don't know how to do a three needle bind off already and don't want to learn just for binding off 4 stitches, just bind them off normally and use a couple small stitches to close the hole at the tip of the toe and round it out.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Fresh plum coffee cake

I love plums, but I am the only person in my house who seems to. When I saw the super-on-sale 2 lb bag of plums, I thought I could finish it before they got squishy, no problem.
Fresh plums, getting squishy.
Of course, I was wrong because two pounds of plums is more than it seems. Instead of waiting until they got completely inedible and throwing them out, I decided to bake with them. I found a recipe for a fresh plum coffee cake, made some changes, and whipped one up.

Recipe after the break.

Cuffed jean cut off shorts

For years, my favorite pair of jeans has been this one pair that are trouser-style and super soft. I can wear them when I feel fat or when I feel skinny and they always look great. I got up today and put them only to find that the worn-out knees had turned to torn-out knees in the wash. At first I was going to wear them anyway, but I really didn't think torn knees and the trouser-style went together.  

I wasn't going to let this great pair of jeans go to waste, so I googled and found some great inspiration looks AND a tutorial on refinery29.

1. The Glitter Guide 2. Hudson Jeans Hampton cuffed shorts 3. Free People 5 pocket denim cut off shorts 4. Refinery29
After some measuring, cutting, and cuffing, I had a great new pair of shorts!
I think I may do some adjustments to the cuffs and then stitch them down a little later on in the day.