First Valentine's craft of the year

I love Valentine's Day.  Not because I love romance or getting flowers of any of that... I love it because it means red and pink construction paper crafts and pink baked goods.  Having kids in my life has made Valentine's Day a hundred times enjoyable for me because it means I get to indulge in all of this every year, for weeks leading up to the actual day.

We started our Valentine's crafting today with a construction paper heart garland.  I was inspired by this craft that I saw on pinterest.  It was so simple and beautiful, but not very kid friendly.  You need a sewing machine, plus a needle and thread to string them all together.  I took this basic idea, and did it with the kids using colored paper and glue sticks.

You get a nice-sized heart with a regular sheet of 8.5"x11" cut in half to make two long pieces.  If the kids can use a glue stick, they can help quite a bit.  The main difference between making the felt ones from the pinterest craft and these paper hearts is that you have to cut them into thin strips before making that second line of glue to make the heart shape- otherwise, your paper will crease when you cut it into garland.
the kids colored the paper before we assembled the hearts

 We made our paper hearts into two types of garland.  For the first type, I punched three holes in the heart with a regular hole punch so that the kids could thread through yarn and string them all together.  For the second type, we just used the gluesticks to glue the hearts together, side by side.
heart with holes punched for stringing into garland
hole-punched garland

garland with hearts glued together


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