Chinese New Year

We had a theme activity day today - a Chinese New Year celebration for the kids.  Luckily, I was able to find a few really great craft ideas online that the kids seemed to enjoy.

We started the morning with firework pancakes - plain old pancakes that I sprinkled jimmies onto while they were cooking.

Next, Miles (2) and Jude (4) used the computer to watch some Ni Hao Kai Lan videos and play a paper lantern game on Nick Jr's website.

Playing the game got them ready to make their own paper lanterns- an activity I found through google on kaboose.  Check out the complete instructions here.  Since the boys are way too young to do their own cutting, I gave them some red and yellow papers and let them color and stamp them, and then cut and stapled them into lanterns myself.  The actual assembly time was minimal and the resulting craft is actually pretty cute.

After the lanterns, we made Chinese dragons that I  found here on kaboose.  The kids colored them, and I cut them out and glued on streamers to the bottom.

We ended our day with some Chinese traditional music and a Lunar New Year parade out in the yard.


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