Cuffed jean cut off shorts

For years, my favorite pair of jeans has been this one pair that are trouser-style and super soft. I can wear them when I feel fat or when I feel skinny and they always look great. I got up today and put them only to find that the worn-out knees had turned to torn-out knees in the wash. At first I was going to wear them anyway, but I really didn't think torn knees and the trouser-style went together.  

I wasn't going to let this great pair of jeans go to waste, so I googled and found some great inspiration looks AND a tutorial on refinery29.

1. The Glitter Guide 2. Hudson Jeans Hampton cuffed shorts 3. Free People 5 pocket denim cut off shorts 4. Refinery29
After some measuring, cutting, and cuffing, I had a great new pair of shorts!
I think I may do some adjustments to the cuffs and then stitch them down a little later on in the day.


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