Summer of Sea Creatures 2018

It's almost time for Summer of Sea Creatures, 2018 edition.
If you're new around to Yarnigans patterns, here are some basics:

What is Summer of Sea Creatures?
Summer of Sea Creatures is an annually released pattern collection of 5 knitted toy patterns, each one for a different type of ocean animal.

When are they released?
Each pattern is released on a Monday. This year's collection starts on June 18th. The last pattern will be released on July 16th.

How much do the patterns cost?
Each pattern is free for the first week that it is out. The next Monday, the pattern price goes up to $3.50 and the new free pattern comes out. Be sure to save your pattern files to your computer so that you can access them after they go to a paid pattern.

What animals are coming out this year?
It's always a surprise... that's part of the fun! 

How can I follow this?
Follow on instagram @yarnigans and on facebook at
I also have a Yarnigans Knits fan group on ravelry where we discuss the patterns as they come out and share our summer of sea creatures projects. You can also follow the hashtag #summerofseacreatures on instagram.

Where can I find previous years' patterns?
The summer of sea creatures series are grouped together on ravelry here:
Note: all of these patterns from the last two years' collections are half off right now. I'm hoping to give everyone who missed any a chance to catch up before we start this new collection. Just add whatever patterns you want from the above link to your cart, and the discount should be applied automatically. This sale runs through 6/18/18.

I'm looking forward to the 2018 series and I hope all of you are too. Be sure to follow along on social media for updates and hints. 


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