DIY seashell stepping stones

Old cake pan
Concrete (I used sakrete)
Seashells and pretty stones

I haven't really worked much with concrete, so I lined the old cake pans with foil, just in case the finished stepping stones didn't want to come out.  I liked the way it worked, so the first step is to line your cake pans with foil.

Mix up your concrete as directed on the package.  We were putting up some fence posts, so my husband was already mixing up the concrete in a wheelbarrow.  I took about 3 trowel's-worth and spread it evenly into each pan.  

Let the kids pick out their seashells and stones and press them into the concrete.  I tried to make the tops as smooth as possible, so we pushed the seashells in a bit and smoothed the concrete around them.

When arranged as desired, let set overnight.  The concrete pops right out of the cake pan.  Peel of the excess foil and use in your garden.

This was a really quick and cute project and the kids want to do it again soon.  I think these would look great in a grassy walkway through the garden beds.  I will take more pictures when I find a place to put them permanently.
DIY kids seashell stepping stones


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